About Washi

Washi is paper that has been developed uniquely in Japan by learning the paper technology originated in China. The paper used for notebooks, etc., which we often see now, is also referred to as "paper", and although it was
originally imported into Japan during the Meiji period, it developed completely different from that of Western papers. The raw materials of Japanese paper are plants called "Kozo", "Mitsumota", and "Ganpi", and these have longer and more
tenacious fibers compared to wood pulp which is a paper material. Because it is glossy, it produces beautiful, smooth and strong paper.

Kiryu Washi

Kiryu Washi is Japan's only Gungen in Gunma Prefecture (an engineer who can produce Washi). Hand-made Kiryu Washi has been used in Japan for printing, shoji, and printing in Japan, from the growth of the mulberry family (Kozo)
to the completion of Washi in traditional methods.


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